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Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Hurray for the New Year 2021 and welcome to Marlene's Journal! This page is actually a blog, but the sound of the word blog not only grates on my ear but also brings to mind things at the bottom of my compost pile. Therefore, this corner of the website has a more pleasant-sounding title for the discussions here, which I hope don't end up on the bottom of my compost pile anyway.

Topics I'll share are ones that crop up during my writing and they'll sometimes wander away from the original point. Or they may be ideas that I'm still sorting through in my mind to decide what I should think about them. God gave me a brain that seems to be adequate, but I've discovered that having more than one brain at work is far superior.

That's why my husband Jim and I do crossword puzzles together--what I don't know, he does and vice versa. That's why the writing group I belong to, Sequim Seqribblers, gives me an added six or seven brains to help with my writing.

So I will be grateful for feedback, input, opinions, suggestions, or rants and raves that my thoughts and brainstorms generate. Oh, and if you have ideas for a story, that's even better!

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