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Out of the Covid Blues

All right, I can't blame it all on Covid, although it's convenient. Yes, there were plenty of disruptions during the past couple of years--no news to anyone. With the shut-down of so many activities, meetings, and businesses, I let my mind shut down as well. It felt odd to have no initiative to write, but there it was. Not a dry spell as experienced by many writers. That implies a wanting to write. I didn't even want to write.

Then suddenly in June I tore into my rewrites based on the months-old edits I had received from my editor. In less than a month, I added, rewrote, and moved chapters around to come up with what I hope will be the last revision before pitching my novel, The Rantin' Laddie, to agents at the Pacific Northwest Writers' Association conference in September. It's a daunting thought.

The good news is that I'm back wanting to write and eager to have this book accepted somewhere so that I can continue with the next novel that I've already started. Before I talk about that one, though, the first chapter of The Rantin' Laddie is here for you to preview.

I'm glad to be back in the writing world and hope to hear from my readers again. Thanks for your patience!

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